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Protect your equipment investment.
ClientCare™ services from RoboVent will maximize the life of your equipment, protect the health and safety of your employees, and significantly reduce your maintenance and repair costs over time.

At RoboVent, we are committed to helping you maintain a clean, comfortable, and safe environment for your workers. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us by purchasing RoboVent products. We back our equipment with the best service offerings in the industry to help you maintain your air quality standards and balance your budget – year after year.

Your RoboVent ClientCare™ team will make sure your equipment is operating as intended and take proactive steps to prevent future problems. Since no one knows our equipment better than we do, you can rest assured that all of your preventative maintenance and equipment checks are done right. And we take the burden of routine maintenance off of your staff, so you can maximize your equipment uptime and focus on your core business. In fact, our clients tell us that our ClientCare™ services help them save money by reducing equipment downtime and the man-hours spent on maintenance.

So, count on us to protect your valuable equipment investment. With RoboVent ClientCare™, you can breathe easy for years to come.

Service options for every need and budget.
Whether you want us to handle all of your monthly preventative maintenance, or simply need regular equipment checks to make sure everything is in top condition, we can help you find a service package that meets your needs.

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With the CompleteCare™ Maintenance Program, you can leave everything to us. Depending on your equipment needs and usage, our technicians will come in monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly to change filters, conduct routine maintenance, and troubleshoot emerging issues. CompleteCare™ is a comprehensive maintenance package designed to give you peace of mind, extend the life of your equipment, and reduce the maintenance burden on your staff.

  • One flat rate per service call, regardless of frequency, to help you budget better (filters charged separately)
  • Lifetime Warranty included for the life of the contract on all parts and labor (excluding filters)
  • Full electronic service report provided within 48 hours of your service, so you can monitor equipment issues and budgets
  • Additional visits (inspection, trouble shooting, or repair) available at additional cost
Sample CompleteCare™ Checklist:

  • Stop blower, reset digital read-out to zero, restart blower, record Delta-P value
  • Stop blower, set controller to rapid pulse, pulse down for 30-60 minutes
  • Start blower, record new Delta-P value
  • Inspect system
  • Check for blower / motor vibrations
  • Check pulse valves
  • Check controller function
  • Replace parts as necessary
  • Record estimated volume of collected dust particulate
  • Empty Drum/Tray (as needed)
  • Clean spark arrestance baffle filters
  • Change cartridge filters as required
  • Record filter pressure and filter life
  • Visual inspection of ductwork

Equipment Certification Program
Our Equipment Certification Program, offered on a quarterly, bi-annual, or annual basis, will help you extend the life of your equipment and protect the safety of your workers with regular inspections by certified RoboVent technicians. We’ll identify any emerging issues and make proactive maintenance or repair recommendations to prevent unexpected downtime and ensure that your equipment is running at top efficiency.

  • 15-point check of your entire system
  • Detailed report provided within 72 hours of inspection
  • Client review within two weeks of the inspection to address concerns and opportunities
  • Recommended service intervals:
  • Equipment less than three years old: annual
  • Equipment between three and eight years old: bi-annual
  • Equipment more than eight years old: quarterly
  • Warranty is not extended nor offered through this program

ClientCare™ Service Quality Check Program
If you would rather conduct your preventative maintenance in-house, our ClientCare™ Service Quality Check Program will insure that your maintenance team is performing world-class PM service that meets all RoboVent standards. Our technicians can come in monthly, quarterly or bi-annually to review service records and make recommendations for your maintenance staff. We’ll make sure that your maintenance staff conduct the right services on the right schedule to maintain your equipment in top condition and help them troubleshoot any emerging issues they have identified.

  • Detailed report provided within 72 hours of inspection
  • Warranty is not extended nor offered through this program

Innovative Products to Maximize Safety, Efficiency and Control.
At RoboVent, we are leading the industry in the development of new products and systems to make air quality equipment safer, more efficient, and longer lasting. From fire suppression to mobile monitoring, we offer options to help you get the most out of your RoboVent equipment.

  • Delta3 Spark Arrestor: The best way to fight fires in dust and fume collection systems is to prevent them from starting in the first place.
  • Aftermarket Filters: A RoboVent filter for every application.
  • Endurex RMO Filters: This next generation of filter maximizes filter media and can save you money.

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