60 Minute Assembly On-Site

Pre-Assembled at the Factory

Every unit is preassembled at the factory in three pieces: the hopper, the filter cabinet and the motor assembly. These three parts are completely assembled and factory tested so you can be sure there are no problems during your initial start-up in the field.

Ease of Assembly

RoboVent equipment is designed to make installation a walk in the park. Our installation team is typically able to assemble on-site in less than 60 minutes! All seams are pre-gasketed, so all that’s left for you to do is place each piece on top of the other and tighten some bolts. It is really that simple.

Reduced Installation Costs

You’ll realize significant savings by purchasing a preassembled RoboVent collector. When you add up all of your costs, you’ll find that you can slash thousands of dollars of costly on-site electrical wiring. You can also eliminate a lot of extra ductwork and installation time.