Dynamic Pulse™ System

Extend Filter Life with Dynamic Pulse

Dynamic Pulse ChartProprietary, computerized and efficient, the RoboVent Dynamic Pulse System uses a rapid-fire technique. The synchronized action of the pulsing mechanism virtually eliminates any re-entrainment of dust going from one filter to the next. Instead, it causes the dust to call into the containment tray or drum. The patent-pending Dynamic Pulse System ensures your filters are used to maximum capacity!

The Dynamic Pulse System saves filter life by shedding particulate effectively and eliminating re-entrainment. It has proven to be 1.5 times more effective than typical pulsing systems. As you can see in this chart, we have tested this system thoroughly. With the Dynamic Pulse System, 30% more dust was removed from the filters than with a typical pulsing system! Also, the Dynamic Pulse System has 82% effectiveness vs. 57% effectiveness with the standard pulsing system.