eMaster™ Facility Controls

Full Facility Management System

Now You Can Monitor Multiple Collectors from Your Desk

The patent-pending eMaster™ is the only electronic system that lets you monitor and manage multiple dust collectors and other ventilation equipment from a single, convenient point. It’s a smart, centralized control application that analyzes the critical functions of all your collectors. In fact, the eMaster™ allows you to observe and record the operation of as many collectors as you have in your plant. It instantly gives you a clear picture of how each of your collectors is performing. Instead of your having to physically go to each individual collector to examine performance data, the eMaster™ aggregates all this crucial data into a single dashboard. Reviewing and acting on this information couldn’t be easier, as it works with any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The eMaster™ provides:

• Control of multiple units from one remote location
• Networking capabilities — view the main screen from any PC on the network
• Alarms and warnings for each unit
• Multiple speeds for the system (with eDrive™)
• Automatic cycling of units to allow for filter cleaning
• Ability to connect existing makeup-air units to the system
• Real-time savings from eDrive™ displayed on the screen
• Monitoring of air quality, with VFDs adjusted accordingly
• Onboard training
• Troubleshooting and diagnostics tools