Endurex™ RMO Filters

Endurexfilters 377X282

Engineered for Optimal Performance

Filters are a critical component of any dust and fume collector. Choosing the right one is key to increasing filter life, reducing operating costs, and maintaining clean air. Whether you have ultra-fine dust, metal cutting fumes, or an aggressive abrasive particulate, RoboVent has you covered. Durable and proven, our filter media has been designed for outstanding performance in filtering fumes, smoke, dust, oil, haze, and other particulates/pollutants created during virtually any manufacturing process.

Re-engineered to maximize efficiency while reducing static pressure, Endurex Reinforced Media Optimization (RMO) brings filter technology into the 21st Century. Our premium Endurex filter cartridges have been engineered to provide you with the very best filtration protection for your plant and employees.

How do we do it? RoboVent developed a new, stronger, and more efficient range of Endurex filters by reconfiguring the pleats and spacing of the media and strengthening the pleats with a proprietary media support structure. The result is a filter that is engineered for the highest filtration efficiency at the smallest particle size, superior particulate release, and a significant reduction in static pressure. This technology is called Reinforced Media Optimization (RMO).

Endurex RMO filters are the smarter choice for applications including: weld fume, grinding dust, torch cutting, metalizing, plasma cutting, soldering, laser cutting, abrasive blasting, and many more.