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Laser Welding Ventilation Problems Defeated By RoboVent

The advantages of laser welding are well known: lower consumable costs, increased production efficiency, less welding rework after production, better weld quality, and lower direct labour costs through automation. But, there are also challenges to overcome including:

Smoke from laser welding can be so thick that it diffuses the beam delivery and intensity to the part
Without proper smoke extraction, maintenance costs will rise significantly
Class 1 enclosures are necessary for employee safety
Use of Light Tight Class 1 enclosures often make the removal of welding particulate a challenge

That’s why fume extraction is crucial to making laser welding really work. RoboVent designs and builds custom fume extraction systems that address all of the challenges common in laser welding operations. Here’s how:

Significantly decrease faulty welds due to laser interference caused by smoke
Creates a cleaner work environment for expensive process equipment and isolates most of the fume to the laser welding cell
Reduces employee exposure to potentially toxic and harmful pollutants
Increases plant cleanliness and appearance
Enables continuous operation of process equipment without disruption<

The Plaser Series collectors are the smart choice for laser welding applications. In cleaning small particulate smoke similar to laser cutting dust, the Plaser Series Dust Collectors are powerful and cost-effective. And without fume extraction, laser welding can be hard to justify.

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