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Ventilation Solutions for Manual Welding Ambient Systems

In ventilation, one size does not fit all. And often, source capture of fumes or airborne particulates just isn’t possible. That’s when a RoboVent whole-plant Ambient System is the answer. The RoboVent step-by-step process, from design through maintenance, ensures the successful design and deployment of a plant-wide air filtration system. We build every system to meet your exact criteria. And we guarantee your satisfaction.

Browse our products below to learn how we can help you achieve extraordinary weld fume ventilation results with custom-engineered, plant-wide, ambient air ventilation systems:

RoboVent Push-Pull Systems

The Perfect Full-Plant Solution for Larger Facilities
A RoboVent Push-Pull System cleans your plant air with a smart design that won’t conflict with the movement of large parts or overhead cranes. In fact, the Push-Pull Systems integrates the complete range of engineering, design, and manufacturing services available from RoboVent. Too often, manufacturing facilities simply exhaust dirty air outdoors, which can drive energy bills sky high during the winter months. But with a Push-Pull System, air is recycled after it’s being cleaned. This system eliminates inside hoods and ducting. Instead, dirty plant air is drawn through powerful filtration units and returned to the plant as clean air, thus eliminating a significant loss of heat that is common when air is exhausted outside. And when source capture of airborne contaminants isn’t possible due to large parts or overhead cranes, the Push-Pull System is an effective solution.

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RoboVent Vortex System

Vortex System is based on a proprietary design that creates a circulating airflow in a plant to effectively capture and filter particulates. Pure, clean air is then re-introduced to the plant in a seamless process. The system utilizes a unique mechanism consisting of 8-12 nozzles that can be adjusted directionally to maximize the efficiency at which the air is cleaned.

The system is engineered to create a powerful, plant-wide environmental vortex that turns the air at a very high rate. It is especially effective in cases where source capture of smoke or dust isn’t possible due to large or unusual manufacturing operations, or when overhead cranes and ceiling space is limited. The design of our Vortex System is especially suited to the capture of dirty air in the most challenging places.

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RoboVent ICE System

RoboVent ICE is good for your equipment, too. Reduce downtime and maintenance costs by mitigating the risk of electrical panel failure, machinery corrosion and other problems that can arise in hot, humid conditions.

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