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RoboVent Push-Pull Systems

RoboVent Push-Pull Systems — Powerful Whole-building Ventilation Solution


Ambient Push-Pull

Ventilation is not only a part of our name – it’s at the core of our expertise. Today, our applications for ventilation technology are virtually endless. But we understand that no two facilities are exactly alike, so cookie-cutter solutions don’t apply. That’s why we create customized solutions specifically for your plant. The depth of our experience in air filtration is a testament to the critical role these systems play at leading manufacturing companies across Canada and the United States.

Our Push-Pull System is a perfect full-plant solution for large facilities. It represents the full complement of engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities available from RoboVent. When source capture of airborne contaminants isn’t possible, because your process involves large parts or you have overhead cranes, a Push-Pull System will re-circulate air in the entire plant without conflicting with these obstacles.

Replace Makeup Air, Conserve Energy


Many companies simply exhaust dirty air outside, which can drive energy bills sky-high during the winter. With a RoboVent Push-Pull System, dirty plant air is captured, sent through our filtration units and cleaned. It is then returned to the plant without outside exhaust and the significant loss of heat, or disruption to the production process, that is a common weakness of other systems.

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