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RoboVent Vortex System

Why The Vortex System Is An Excellent Choice

Vortex Unit

The Vortex System is a proprietary design that creates a circular airflow to capture and filter the ambient air in a plant. The system utilizes a unique design consisting of 8 – 12 nozzles that can be adjusted directionally to maximize the efficiency at which air is collected and filtered.

A Typical Vortex Configuration

The system is engineered to create a plant-wide environmental vortex that turns air at a consistent, steady rate. The Vortex is especially effective when source capture of airborne contaminants isn’t possible due to large or unusual manufacturing operations or when overhead cranes limit the available ceiling space. This is a system that’s very effective in the most challenging environments.

Will not interfere with overhead obstructions that often create problems for proper ventilation
No ductwork is required, which lowers installation costs and improves sight lines
The Vortex reduces collector noise levels by decreasing static pressure

Proof That It Works

Progressive measurements were recorded in a production facility with a newly installed Vortex System. This chart shows the change in air quality over a 20-minute period while the RoboVent system was running during production. When production is not running, the air quality would enter the clean air zone in less than 8 minutes.

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