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The RoboVent CrossFlow Welding Exhaust Hood System

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The Ideal Ducted Fume Hood for Source Capture


The RoboVent CrossFlow System is a proven design that cleans contaminated air and recycles it efficiently. But, more importantly, with the CrossFlow you capture dirty air at the source, where the contaminants are created. And because the CrossFlow System is installed at the source, it removes airborne contaminants before they can settle on floors and walls — or become a greater danger to your employees’ health.

The CrossFlow welding exhaust hood design is endorsed by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) and is widely accepted as the correct way to address manual welding ventilation. CrossFlow ducted fume hoods can be custom designed specifically for your process.

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Custom Welding Exhaust Hood System with Central Smoke Collection


Fully customizable to fit your unique specifications, reap the source capture benefits of the CrossFlow ducted fume hood without sacrificing the convenience and space-saving qualities of a central collection unit.

CrossFlow Stand-alone Systems


The WeldPro units are self-contained CrossFlow units that incorporate built-in blowers and filters. There’s no need for any ductwork, simply connect the power, and it’s ready to work.

Available Options:

AutoSaver function automatically turns on/off based on welder operation
E-Drive with variable frequency to provide consistent, reliable airflow
Supprex-200 fire suppression system
Light fixture for task lighting at work area
Parts hood captures smoke from finished parts
Operator cooling fan won’t interfere with smoke capture system

Browse the additional features of CrossFlow welding exhaust hood systems below, or contact us today at 888.ROBOVENT (888.762.6836) to work with our team and design a system to match your specific manual welding source capture needs.

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