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The CrossFlow Table with Integrated Workbench Ventilation and Fume Extraction

The Ideal Welding Workbench for Educational Facilities and Repair Shops



The CrossFlow Table is a compact, self-contained workbench ventilation system that recycles contaminated air using a high efficiency, self-cleaning filter system. The CrossFlow Table requires hardly any installation — simply connect the power and a compressed air hose and you are operational. The CrossFlow table is a complete welding station that is ideal for educational facilities or repair shops looking for an all-in-one bench and filtration unit.

Workbench Ventilation and Fume Extraction Features:


Powerful, backward-inclined blowers
Heavy-duty welded construction with durable powder coat finish
Quiet operation
SparkOut technology protects against risk of fire
Vertical filter cartridges
Built-in pulse cleaning (filter back-flush)

This all-in-one complete packaged welding workbench can be assembled in 60 minutes or less on-site. Our rugged cabinet design and best-in-the-industry warranty mean you rest assured knowing that your workbench ventilation system has been built to deliver guaranteed clean air results.

Browse additional features of the CrossFlow Table workbench ventilation system below, or contact us today at 888.ROBOVENT (888.762.6836) to discover why so many (so many what?) trust RoboVent for their weld fume extraction needs.

CrossFlow TableCFT-2000-1
CrossFlow CFT-2000

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