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The RoboVent Extractor Fume Gun and FlexPro Hi-Vac System


A Better Solution for Hi-Vac Source Extraction


Robovent_HiVac_ExtractorFor more than 25 years, RoboVent has been at the forefront of clean air innovation for welding and metalworking.

Now, we’re pleased to add the RoboVent Extractor™ fume gun to our line of hi-vac (high-vacuum) extraction solutions. The RoboVent Extractor integrates a high-performance welding gun with a powerful source extraction system, so fumes are captured as soon as they are generated.

For welders engaged in MIG or GMAW welding processes—especially those working on or inside large equipment—fume gun extraction may be the best way to keep weld fumes out of the breathing zone. If you think that has to mean heavy, bulky equipment and reduced visibility during welding, think again.

This is not your father’s fume gun. The RoboVent Extractor is the perfect balance of power, ergonomics and flexibility. Welders will love the lightweight, maneuverable handle and the streamlined nozzle designed for maximum visibility and control. But don’t let the size fool you. Combined with the RoboVent FlexPro air filtration unit, it reduces the welder’s exposure to welding fumes by 90-95%.

So give fume gun extraction another look. We are confident that when your welders see how easy it is to maneuver with the RoboVent Extractor, they won’t want to go back. With the powerful FlexPro hi-vac system, you can be sure that you’re making the best possible decision for your welders’ health and safety.


The RoboVent Extractor™: Safe extraction of welding fumes at the source


Robovent_HiVac_Extractor_FumeGunThe welding gun has a conical suction head, welding tip, and gas outlet for the shielding gas to promote good visibility and reachability of the object.
The suction module is located at the end of the welding gun, close to the source of fumes.
The shielding gas can be emitted with an increased flow velocity without raising shielding gas consumption.
A ball-and-socket joint between the torch and hoses improves maneuverability.
A conical suction hose, running from thin to wide.

Where and how?
The RoboVent Extractor is intended for use in MIG and GMAW welding processes that employ shielding gases. The gun will deliver an improved performance in comparison to current guns with source suction.



RoboVent FlexPro™ Hi-Vac Filtration Systems for Manual Welding Applications


Robovent_FlexPro_HiVacThe RoboVent FlexPro hi-vac smoke-collection system is a versatile, simple, and powerful solution for welding smoke extraction. Suitable for both manual and robotic welding applications, FlexPro is designed to eliminate the need for backdraft hoods and large ductwork.

The FlexPro hi-vac air filtration system collects fumes right at the source. It’s the perfect companion to the RoboVent Extractor. It can also be used with suction tubes mounted to your fixture or welding table—or, in the case of shipbuilding, directly to the ship!

FlexPro is designed for plug-and-work use: simply attach your hi-vac suction tube, connect to a power source and start collecting weld fumes.

Manual Welding Hi-Vac Applications:

Ship building and repairs
Tank building and repairs
Large pipe welding
Large weldments
Applications that require extensive crane use
Stainless steel welding
Any application where a welder is overexposed to harmful welding fumes

Browse additional features of FlexPro Hi-Vac filtration systems below, or contact us today at 888.ROBOVENT (888.762.6836) to work with our team and design a system to match your specific manual welding source capture needs.

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