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Clarion CFX Series


Clarion 2014Clarion oil mist units are engineered to handle the toughest metal processing situations. They can reach safety and productivity goals in a variety of applications.

• Turning
• Cutting
• Milling
• Drilling
• Grinding
• Honing
• Cold Rolling
• Pressing
• Cold Heading
• Aluminum Die Cast
• Drawing
• Synthetic Welding
• Heat Treat

Why Clarion?

Traditional oil mist collectors rely on dated principles with limited success – such as centrifugal pocket filters, individual cartridge or panel filters, electrostatic precipitators, and others.

We believed there was a better way, so we investigated the entire process and re-designed the way oil mist is collected. The result is the Clarion Series. Here are a few key reasons to consider it as your solution.

Features & Benefits Overview

Here is a quick breakdown of the advantages of the Clarion Oil Mist Series:

Only uses a single filter Reduce replacement costs
Reduce maintenance costs
Packed bed
filter technology
Longer filer life (reduce costs)
Reduce maintenance costs
Solutions for all oil mist applications
Unsurpassed warranty Service and support
Peace-of-mind performance

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