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Multiple Fusion 3 – Multiple Cells, One System

Robo Vent _Fusion _2014_FullFrom the very beginning, we have been passionate about redefining clean air technology. Over the years, RoboVent has introduced a number of breakthroughs in air cleaning technology. Yet we recognized that this technology could be taken to the next level to create a dust collector that has very low operating costs, is incredibly simple to use, and is remarkably easy to install – in any facility and in any part of the world. It was from this inspiration that the Fusion 3 series was born.

Clean air is good for business.

In a manufacturing environment, clean air shouldn’t be a luxury. Clean air is good for business. It improves working conditions, along with of employee health and safety. It also lowers utility costs and improves your company image. Clean air is key to creating a world-class manufacturing facility.

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