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Ventilation Solutions for Robotic Welding

RoboVent is helping to meet manufacturing’s demand for clean air and cleaner work environments while also developing systems that improve the production efficiencies associated with engineered process systems. Our innovative designs — from SparkOut fire suppression technology to the ePad Control Panel with built-in diagnostics — help our customers achieve the highest level of efficiency in some of the most demanding production environments.

Fusion 3 Series – Free Standing Systems

The Fusion 3 System is a revolutionary design that provides flexibility and efficiency in equipment layout. It’s compact and self-contained, so you can dedicate one filtration unit to each weld cell.

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Multiple Fusion 3 – Multiple Cells, One System

The Fusion 3 System can be used to connect multiple robot cells to a single Fusion 3 unit.

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The RoboVent Extractor Fume Gun and FlexPro Hi-Vac System

The RoboVent Extractor integrates a high-performance welding gun with a powerful hi-vac source extraction system, so fumes are captured as soon as they are generated.

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FloorSaver – Save Space

Need more floor space? The FloorSaver System is designed to fit above a weld cell on a heavy-duty metal stand, thus eliminating dedicated floor space for the ventilation unit.

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WeldCat – Simplifies Installation

The WeldCat is easy to install, because you position the unit beside the weld cell with the intake penetrating the cell wall.

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Flexan Modular Hood System – Hood Only

The one-of-a-kind Flexan hood is a modular and made from transparent polycarbonate and simple to install for quick changes.

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Flexan Enclosures – Full Enclosures

RoboVent’s Flexan Enclosure is a complete modular enclosure system that can be expanded in either direction with simple bolt-together panels.

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