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Flexan Enclosures – Full Enclosures

Flexan EnclosureFlexan Welding Ventilation Enclosure System Is Clearly The Best

The RoboVent Flexan enclosure is a flexible, modular solution for providing a safe area around a welding station with both walls and a hood. The result is a complete enclosure that can be expanded in any direction, horizontally or vertically. The system consists of bolt-together panels that assemble quickly and provide the flexibility of an adjustable height with a transparent polycarbonate top.

Here’s Why The Flexan Enclosure System Is Successful

Simple installation
Modular design for flexibility
Transparent top lets light in to work area
Durable design, powder coat finish
Very large sizes available

Available Options:

Custom retractable hoods for use in areas with overhead cranes
WeldCat filtration equipment integrates seamlessly into Flexan Enclosure system
Crane slot modules provide easy access for heavy parts
SparkOut technology protects against risk of fire

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