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Flexan Modular Hood System – Hood Only

Flexan Welding HoodThe Flexan System is a simple solution for installing a hood over your welding station. It consists of a bolt-together panel system with a transparent polycarbonate top that makes it both modular and economical.

Flexan Hood Contains Weld Smoke For More Effective Capture and Cleaning

Simple installation: By using standard components, the Flexan system is easily installed and modified on most welding stations or production lines
Modular design: Changes are easy due to the standard panel design. A hood can be expanded easily and all components can be re-used
Transparent polycarbonate top allows light into the enclosure to avoid additional operator lighting in the enclosure and reduce safety risks
Durable Flexan Hood system is powder-coated to reduce surface scratches
Lower shipping costs: The entire Flexan Hood can be palletized and shipped LTL, making transport much easier than traditional hoods, which often require large flatbed trucks
Large sizes possible: The Flexan Hood System can be built in almost any size. Hoods up to 30’ x 120’ have been installed using standard components

Available Options:

Custom retractable hoods
Mezzanine for additional storage
Crane slot modules
SparkOut technology protects against risk of fire

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