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FloorSaver – Save Space

FloorSaverThe FloorSaver™ Air Filtration System —
Takes Up Zero Extra Floor Space

When floor space is at a premium, the RoboVent FloorSaver System is the perfect solution. It’s both compact and self-contained, and best of all the FloorSaver mounts directly above a weld cell on a heavy-duty steel frame. The FloorSaver system filters air with the same powerful efficiency that all RoboVent systems are known for. All components are controlled by the RoboVent ePad, a programmable touch-screen controller that is mounted on the cell for easy access. And like the Fusion 3 System an individual filtration unit can be configured for each weld cell, thereby eliminating the possibility of total system failure. This configuration also reduces production delays and downtime during routine maintenance.


The FloorSaver Air Filtration System Advantages

Maximum flexibility
Reduced downtime
Saves valuable floor space
Works with any weld cell
Powerful, effective cleaning
Preventative maintenance programs available
Virtually eliminates the risk of fire
SafeSensor particulate monitoring system
10–year warranty

Available Options:

AutoSaver function automatically turns on/off based on welder operation
E-Drive with variable frequency provides consistent, reliable airflow
Supprex-200 fire suppression system
Parts hood captures smoke from finished parts
Light fixture for task lighting at work area
Mezzanine for additional storage
Operator cooling fan won’t interfere with smoke capture system
Manual touch-up station has small backdraft hood to capture smoke
Custom retractable hood

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