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WeldCat – Simplifies Installation

WeldCatWeldCat™ Filtration System:
All Your Equipment Should Be This Flexible

Individual filtration units provide an important benefit in plants with multiple weld cells operating at the same time. By dedicating one unit to each cell, the WeldCat Robotic Welding Filtration System distributes the job of cleaning plant air and thereby eliminates the possibility of a total plant shutdown in the event of a disruption or planned stoppage in a cell.

The WeldCat is a powerful, compact and fully self-contained air filtration system. These units feature the latest advances including a pulse cleaning function that improve the filter’s effectiveness and provides for longer filter life. The WeldCat is operated and continuously monitored by our advanced ePad Controller, a programmable touch-screen device that can be mounted on the equipment or used remotely for added convenience.

A Smart Investment Can Lead To Big Gains In Your Plant

Provides the ultimate in flexibility
Reduces downtime should one weld cell go off-line
Powerful air filtration
Works on virtually any weld station
Preventative maintenance programs available
Virtually eliminates the risk of fire
SafeSensor particulate monitoring system
10-year warranty

Available Options

AutoSaver function automatically turns on/off based on welder operation
E-Drive with variable frequency to provide consistent, reliable airflow
Supprex-200 fire suppression system
Light fixture for task lightning at work area
Mezzanine for additional storage
Custom retractable hoods
Operator cooling fan won’t interfere with smoke capture system

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