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Ventilation Solutions For Training Facilities Requiring Welding Ventilation Equipment

As health and workplace issues become a priority, weld training facilities are more determined than ever to provide safe, clean learning environments for their students. To help them meet their goals, RoboVent has built and installed many weld fume extraction systems at schools, training centres, and colleges over the years.

From custom central weld fume extraction systems to compact, self-contained source capture tables, our assortment of welding ventilation equipment for training environments is unmatched. No matter the size or scope of your industrial ventilation needs, RoboVent can offer you the perfect turnkey solution or custom design one to your specifications.

To achieve a cleaner, safer, more productive learning environment through weld fume extraction, please contact us or browse our assortment of welding ventilation equipment for instructional applications below.

RoboVent CrossFlow Table – Fume Extractor

The RoboVent CrossFlow Table is a compact, fully self-contained system that recycles contaminated air using a high efficiency, self-cleaning filter system. The unique CrossFlow design ensures clean air, a clean plant, and the cost-effective removal of contaminants.

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WeldPro – Stand-Alone CrossFlow Systems

RoboVent WeldPro is a self-contained system that captures airborne contaminates right at the source. Simply place the unit behind the welding operation, connect the power, and they’re ready for service.

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Vent Hood Systems for Weld Training

The CrossFlow system draws the smoke away from the operator and ensures effective removal of contaminates with no need for operator adjustments.

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RoboVent FumeArm System – Central Ducted System

WeldVent FumeArms are designed to move smoothly and easily into position to extract smoke and contaminated air from the worker’s breathing zone. Long reach extension booms can be added to provide source capture ventilation for any size work area.

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