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WeldPro – Stand-Alone CrossFlow Systems

WeldPro™ and PowerPro™ Filtration Systems —
What Every Manual Welding Station Needs
WeldProRoboVent WeldPro

The WeldPro Air Cleaning unit is a compact, self-contained system that recycles contaminated air using a high efficiency, self-cleaning filter system. The unique design ensures clean air, which in turn helps maintain a clean, safer plant that will enable you to meet federal regulations on emissions. Installation is easy because the WeldPro requires virtually no installation. The unit is simply placed in front of the work area, bench or fixture for a seamless fit into most existing workstations. Connect the power and compressed air, and you’re ready to go.

RoboVent WeldPro XT Series

WeldPro XT

The RoboVent WeldPro XT Series Air Cleaning System is a complete welding station that uses virtually no floor space and comes complete with an adjustable height workbench. The compact filtration system and fan are mounted in the upper cabinet so that floor space is saved. An add-on module allows one filtration unit to service two stations.

RoboVent PowerPro


The RoboVent PowerPro is a self-contained unit that allows the CrossFlow hood to be placed exactly where it’s needed in the work area. This unit can be ducted or used as stand-alone and located anywhere in the work area without restricting overhead cranes.

RoboVent PowerBoom


The RoboVent PowerBoom Collector resembles the PowerPro Collector, but the PowerBoom is fitted with a 8” diameter boom arm that has a reach of 17 feet. Workers can move along a piece of equipment being welded for 17 feet. This increased mobility increases the efficiency at which your employees are able to finish their task. The PowerBoom also creates a healthier environment by capturing fumes at the source and returning cleaner air to the facility.

Clean the Air and Maintain Plant Flexibility

Captures contaminants at the source
Maximum flexibility with fully self-contained units
Long filter life
SparkOut technology protects against risk of fire
Reduced downtime with only one unit per operation
Installation is easy — plug in and go to work

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