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  • September 15 & 16, 2015
    Suncor Community Leisure Centre
    Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

  • Visit Booth 5019 for to see the latest in Industrial Ventilation.
    We'll be running live, outdoor demonstrations both days.

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Mobile Cleaner

Clean air for the long haul

The premium RoboVent Mobile dust collectors are built with integral diesel-driven blowers. They are ideal for frac oil sands processing, bridge repair and temporary back-up situations. The unit features vertical filter cartridges for easy change-out, a powerful self-cleaning system for simple maintenance and a steel, powder-coated, heavy-duty construction.

  • Easy Filter Replacement

    Oversized filter replacement doors and “Snap Lock” filter seals allow for quick, no-tools-required filter changes.

  • Dynamic Pulse Cleaning

    This patent pending system uses a computer-synced, double-pulse sequence to clean filters and dramatically extend filter life — and save you money.

  • Durable Cabinet Design

    With heavy 7-9 gauge construction and fully welded seams, RoboVent Mobile is built to last. That’s why we have the longest warranty in the industry. This is a tough application and it requires tough equipment. You can depend on RoboVent for the long haul.

Case Study:
Polar Industrial Plastics, Ltd.
Edmonton, Alberta

Our directors and engineers are always ready to develop custom solutions to our client needs as was the case with Polar Plastics.

Polar Industrial Plastics makes high-performance piping systems and other industrial components out of plastic and fiberglass. They came to RoboVent in the spring of 2015 to address air quality issues in their fiberglass fabrication facilities.

RoboVent clean air specialists evaluated the problem and installed an ambient RoboVent Vortex system to pull the fiberglass dust out of the air. Workers noted an immediate difference in air quality, visible dust and comfort. The work area is cleaner and more appealing for employees and visiting guests. Workers are also happy to be able to work without wearing respiratory protection and without the added noise of the old roof fan. With the dust under control, there are fewer worker concerns about health and safety and morale is noticeably higher.

Read the full case study by clicking the link above.

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