Vision and Values

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Passionate about what we do

• We are passionate about providing clean air solutions for the industry.
• Our passion results in dedication to the cause – we bring about results.
• Providing a first-class end-result for our clients is what fuels our passion.
• We are passionate about delivering the RoboVent Brand Promise.
• Good is the enemy of Great – we are never happy with the status quo.

Respond quickly to the need of our Clients

• We know that everything in the world is speeding up and we must stay ahead.
• We innovate to meet the needs of our Clients.
• We develop products and solutions quickly to meet the needs of the Market.
• We are willing to change direction quickly in any area to meet the market or our client’s needs.

We go the extra mile for our Customer

• We recognize that the key to our success is the value we place on our customers
• We also recognize that our competition wants our customers, and will attempt to deliver value, quality and service in order to win them away.
• Because of this, we go above and beyond what is necessary to take care of a client – 100% isn’t good enough, we must deliver more than our clients’ expect.
• This applies to every aspect of the business, from reception, to shipping, to quote delivery, to projects installation, to service and technical support.
• We know that if we give exceptional service, we will get more than our fair share of the market.

We are a Team

• Every team member matters, nobody is more important than someone else.
• We operate on the principal of a sphere – everyone is at equal distance from the center. The “center” is the vision, mission and leadership of the company.
• Everyone is a leader – we expect every team member to exploit their leadership in daily decision making.
• We know that accountability and transparency is key to success… we are accountable to the team, our managers and ourselves.
• We know that Trust builds Speed – we trust each other.
• … and we have fun in the process!

Economically Driven

• We understand we are in a competitive marketplace and must keep costs down.
• We must stay frugal in our spending – be smart about every expense.
• The key is to innovate cost out of our products and processes
• Maintaining healthy profits and cashflow is very important, in order to be able to grow and to be able to provide world-class service to our clients.

Time is our most valuable asset

• We understand that at the very root of it, we are all selling our time, it is the #1 asset that the company provides to our clients.
• Every person is given the same amount of time every day – success comes from how you use it.
• Every minute counts, there is no time to be lost – work hard and play hard.
• Having a daily and weekly plan is paramount – plan the work, then work the plan.

The RoboVent Brand Promise

• Every solution is guaranteed to work as promised.
• You will be satisfied with your RoboVent purchase or your money back.
• We will meet or exceed your expectations.
• Your RoboVent product or solution will include the most advanced developments in the clean air industry.
• We are committed to delivering value in every solution and product (at time of purchase and ongoing cost of ownership).
• Your RoboVent products will be engineered and built with the highest quality components.
• You WILL receive exceptional service.